The American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers VOLUME 2: Issue 8

“I need another W-2”

To reduce phone calls and avoid sending a duplicate to the wrong
person (e.g., an ex-spouse), develop a policy and procedure, such as
the following:

1. Take requests for duplicate W-2s only in writing.

2. When issuing a duplicate W-2:

• Type "REISSUED STATEMENT" in the upper right-hand corner on
all copies of the W-2. It is acceptable to use a copy of the
employer's copy.

• If you are mailing W-2s to former employees, make a copy of
the envelope showing the address that you used and put the date you
mailed the duplicate on the photocopy.

• If a W-2 is returned, keep it in the envelope. If you hear
from the employee, put this envelope in another envelope and mail it
to the corrected address. If not, keep it for at least 4 years
as proof that it was mailed by the deadline.

Best policy: Create a "W-2 Request Form." But what employee data
should go on the form? Is there any company data you should include?
How can you make sure this form will provide proof that you met your
legal obligations if the IRS gets involved?

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