The American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers VOLUME 2: Issue 6

The Special Accounting Rule
—and other year-end reminders

Under The Special Accounting rule, an employer may elect to treat taxable noncash fringe benefits, such as personal use of company cars provided any time in November or December 2005, as being paid in 2006. If you make this election for tax year 2005, you must notify affected employees no later than Jan. 31, 2006.
            Here are some other year-end reminders.

But employer-provided vehicles and dependent care benefits are just two fringe benefits.

How—and where—do you report fringes such as: l bonuses, vacation pay, gift certificates, electronics or jewelry? l exempt fringes such as certain employee discounts or use of employer-leased workout centers? l below-market or interest-free loans? l group-term life? l third-party sick pay? l business expense advances under an accountable plan v. nonaccountable plan? l federal per diem reimbursements? l nontaxable moving expenses? l other benefits?

Find answers instantly in the box-by-box, line-by-line chart, “What goes where on the W-2, 941 and 940” in the December issue of our monthly technical briefing for members, The General Ledger—yours free if you join now (

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• IRS-approved partly paperless accountable plans
• Which meals are 50% v. 100% deductible
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Free Report #2: “Better Bookkeeping in 15 Minutes—the 25 Best Bookkeeping Tips of 2005.” How to:

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• Prove expenses if canceled checks are lost
• Correct W-2 errors the easy way
• Prepare internal income statements
• Set up successful collection calls  

Free Report #3: “The Bookkeeper’s Guide to Internal Controls.” Know easy ways to protect yourself: 

• if you sign company checks
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• against inadvertent disclosure

Find out how to protect your company or clients, including: 

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• 12 policies that prevent fraud
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